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Your website is like an employee that works for you around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. You don’t have to pay it and it never complains. Unfortunately, it also never barges into your office and says:“Hey big business owner! I need some attention here! It’s me, your website. I know you’re busy, but i’m flailing in the wind here. I could do my job 1000% better if you just…”Just what? How can you fix the problems when you don’t even know what they are, yet know that they’re there? That’s where The Art of Online Marketing comes in!We specialize in custom websites with easy-to-use content management systems like WordPress. We’ll help you automate your marketing processes and generate faster sales conversions. Whether you need your website built from the ground up, made mobile friendly or simply given a refresh, we can help.


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Allow us to handle all the technical details of:

  • Uploading fresh content so your website stays fresh & current
  • Changing out pictures so you don’t have to
  • Adding pages to promote new products, services, & valuable information
  • Deleting pages you no longer need to keep your site clean
  • Adding lead capture forms to help grow your database
  • Making your site mobile-friendly to take advantage of the 65% of consumers accessing the internet through their phone


We can even help you create copy for your website if necessary!

Does your website just need some maintenance, back-ups, or WordPress and plug-in updates? Let us help our packages are simple and affordable. We provide ongoing technical assistance, support, and maintenance to keep your website update regularly and secure.

Our website maintenence services include:


  • Setup assistance – we handle all the technical stuff
  • Scheduled backups – If your website ever goes down for any reason, we will get it back up and running quickly!
  • WordPress updates – If you fail to update your WordPress or related plug-ins, you risk hackers taking your site down
  • 1-2 hours of programming time (dependent on your package) – Keep your website information fresh and relevant

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